New Collection


Atelier Brunette presents its new collection called "A Summer in Rajasthan".

This new collection takes you to India, in the heart of Rajasthan. It is in the land of kings, where a thousand marvellous palaces shine, that you will spend the summer, transported to a region with breathtaking landscapes and millenary history.

The new collection is an ode to the play of shadows and lights that draw the impalpable atmosphere of India. 10 fabrics make up this collection: 3 "Shade" viscose rayons, 3 "Canopy" printed viscose crepes, 1 "Cactus" plain viscose crepe and 3 "Linen" linen-cotton mix.

Imagined by Atelier Brunette, the patterns are inspired by the elusive shadows of India and the warm, powdery colours: "Off-White", "Blush", "Maple", "Ochre", "Cobalt" & "Cactus".

The finishing touch to this collection is provided by Atelier Brunette haberdashery and its 15 button models in the soft "Cactus" colour.

The collection "A summer in Rajasthan" by Atelier Brunette invites you to play with the brand's colour chart by combining new and old Atelier Brunette fabrics.