Mission Noël
Mission Noël
Our Christmas Mission is Activated!  Les Brunettes, this year we want to wrap you in joy and smiles with a hint of glitter and surprises. For the occasion, we have organized several gift ideas to slip under the tree or the sewing machine. A garland of new and limited edition sewing boxes invite themselves to this season’s festive table. Are you ready to discover them?
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Elles n'auront plus de secrets pour vous. Nous déposons tous leurs secrets par ici et en profitons aussi pour vous présenter quelques opening surprises organisés rien que pour leur sortie et pensé dans un seul objectif : Celui de vous étonner et de vous retrouver pour tisser les fils de notre complicité.

  • All about the Réminiscence Collection!


    All about the Réminiscence Collection!
    Unveiled on November 17th on our website and in store, we would like to share with you our new fabric and haberdashery collection in more detail. Our collection is assertive and full of charm. It is an invitation to create a unique wardrobe with new prints designed with bold and exclusive colour...
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    Feel beautiful and comfortable at home with a stylish and stunning look. The recipe is in our second sewing box featuring a surprise, sweet smelling guest, LA Rosée! It’s also available à la carte, if you would like to choose other specific ingredients. Do you want to know more?
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  • Collection Wonderlust


    Collection Wonderlust
    Our new collection is a blend of emblematic influences full of Franglais accents from across the English Channel. On the menu: Electrifying prints, captivating solids and a new color (oh so Divine!). A surprise from Kerzon perfumes will be slipped into the first orders.
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